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Cutro, huge crowd for the Feast of the Cross. Believers also arrived from Australia – the Crotonese

CUTRO – A crowd of unimaginable proportions accompanied in all their devotion to the opening rites of the great Septuagint of SS Crucifix of Cutro. On the occasion of the “Descent” of yesterday evening and today’s morning, the day of the procession from the sanctuary towards the Mother Church, the wonderful icon entered the hearts of more than thirty thousand believers who flocked from all over the world, because Christ of Cutro attracts people who also come from countries as far away as America or Australia. Pope Francis also felt the need to send a valuable message of greeting to the faithful, which was read at the end of the Mass by his assistant parish priest, Don Leopoldo Arabia.

A first appearance of a party that will remain in the annals in terms of attendance, because the backdrop, from the pandemic to the ongoing conflicts, from the dramatic shipwreck to the very recent restoration, down to the special decorations that locals have been working on for months, favored an unusual engagement. An extraordinary insight that will make you forget your everyday worries for a few days and help many return home with greater hope for the future.

According to tradition, the SS Crocifisso di Cutro, referred to by many as the most beautiful cross in the world, will remain exposed to honor the faithful in the Mother Church until the afternoon of May 3, when the procession back to its shrine will begin.

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