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Diablo 4 Gets a June update, regarding official information, from Blizzard, about game development which in this case relates to Customize heroes and monsters And other details, with Video supplied.

The character customization system is largely derived from what was already seen in Diablo 3, but in the new chapter it looks much more advanced and improved. As art director John Mueller explained, Diablo 4 has a system Physics-based rendering, which greatly improves material productivity.

Diablo IV has a physics-based object management system that affects customization

This system automatically interprets the i . method Material They interact in the game world, the way they reflect light and act on the characters’ body or in their connection to other things. This means a higher level of detail and realism than we’ve seen in the past.

This system also affects how you customize Armor and clothes: As mentioned by Muller, it is possible to color fabrics but we cannot do it with metals, because this process is considered unsuitable for the world organized in Diablo 4, being so advanced chronologically.

However, metals and skins will have a potential color range to choose from, but will be limited to the realistic effect generally required by the game’s look and style. Between videos and photos, you can see something on a file Rogue Barbarian and some monsters Like a skeleton lord, a succubus and a fearsome spider host.

In recent months, in Diablo 4, we’ve seen how the open-world PvP mode with Hate Fields will be similar to The Division, as well as a preview of BlizzConline 2021 on Cutthroat.

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