Current accounts are under the control of the tax authorities without permission

A Supreme Court order gave the green light to checking checking accounts not authorized by the Revenue Agency. Reasons for an exciting decision

One of the biggest nightmares of all Italians has come true. L ‘Agenzia delle Entrate is able to verify our accounts without requiring any authorization. This became legal by a recent Decree (No. 3242 of February 10, 2021) from The Supreme Court of Cassation.

The tax Therefore, where it deems it appropriate, it may request copies of relationships with banks or other financial operators. This is what emerged from a dispute between the taxpayer andRevenue Agency. The first, in fact, has deemed the investigation evidence illegitimate given how the supervisory body was acquired.

Nothing to do. over there Veto She did not find any violations of the procedures that she carried out tax In fact, she proved her right. A situation that will definitely make school and affect similar situations that will happen in the future.

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Current accounts: because the tax authorities can control them without permission

In general, there have been signs of this for quite some time. In fact, the agency has always checked whether business receipts or annuities are shown in Tax declaration. If there are discrepancies, theEvaluation Notice. At this point, the taxpayer will have to prove the location of the Money Spend money to avoid being accused of being the slacker that he produces Black income.

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generally tax It mainly uses tReturn the tools to perform their checks: The Save the counterAn algorithm that verifies income and expenses); supergraphe, The database that collects information from Guardia di Finanza and Revenue Agency And theI see Which contains the data of the checking accounts and self-declarations of the taxpayers.

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