Current account, stock plays a bad joke in January

The accumulation of uninvested money in the current account is likely to have serious consequences. But there are cases of exemption from stamp duty.

Current account fee
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The topic of money was not relevant before. It wasn’t like this before, but due to the situation linked to the pandemic, the line between saving and spending is more important than ever to follow. Especially for those who inadvertently exceed the inventory limit below which specific costs are provided, such as stamp duty. The threshold remains 5 thousand euros, valid for a regular checking account and for other savings instruments, such as postal books. This is an applicable tax equal to 34.20 EUR for individuals and 100 EUR for companies. Nothing is known but something that is often forgotten.

Especially at such a historical moment, the trend of saving has gradually intensified. So much so that in 2021, Italy reached record levels of current account balances, as is the concern of various credit institutions. Not so much for the consequences associated with too much backlog, regarding unavoidable management costs of very high and unsuccessful amounts. For this reason, it has been advised on several occasions to transfer savings to even simple investment vehicles (such as postal bonds), which are able to guarantee income and prevent funds from causing the dangerous effects of a recession.

Current account, when stamp duty is not applied

If the trend doesn’t change, 2022 risks being an objective year on the tax front. Certainly not good news when you consider that almost every area of ​​daily life has experienced significant increases. Even the stamp on the deposit account was no exception: the tax on the amount of individuals, in fact, increased from 1.5 to 2 per thousand of the amount invested. A painting that, in theory at least, It should discourage savers From succumbing to the temptation to immobilize funds in order to obtain greater liquidity should the situation worsen. Also because given the extra costs apply, things are clearly not quite that way. The stamp duty adopted by the Monti government in 2012 still weighs heavily on both bank statements and savings ledger statements. As well as on some financial products.

Therefore, a stamp duty is paid if the shares in various money management products exceed a certain limit. It is clear that if these conditions do not occur, the tax will not apply. Threshold compliance However, this is not the only condition to avoid relapse (at the end of the year). In fact, the tax does not apply either in the case of relations between administrative bodies, credit organizations or non-profit organizations of an associative character.

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So Confidi is excluded from €34.20 But not fees charged for instruments such as checks, bank receipts, and contracts. It must be remembered that the calculation of the value of inventory is obtained by adding up the daily balances of the current account and dividing everything by reporting days. The only exemptions relate to account statements and brochures with a balance of zero or less than €5,000 in any case. Or if the owner is excluded from both bank and postal expenses, as with I See less than 7,500 euros.

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