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in the viewfinder Our current accountBank deposits. And we’re not just talking about the new rules that will start from December 1 about the maximum use of cash, which has been reduced to 999.99 euros, a circumstance that can alert tax authorities in the event of cash withdrawals or payments that are considered too large (net payments for services, which must It is paid over the amount only using traceable tools: credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer or checks).

Yes, why now that Christmas is approaching, we should also pay attention to another circumstance: gifts that, perhaps, a grandfather, an aunt, or even a mother and father would like to give to their children, grandchildren, and relatives. Be careful, above all, if the recipient of the gift is abroad, this is a circumstance that at the time of Covid was more than reasonable.

The point is, if you decide to send money abroad, In the case of a bank transfer, it should not exceed the threshold of 5 thousand euros. Otherwise, in fact, an anti-money laundering beacon can be lit, which can suspect that behind this movement of funds there is something suspicious or, even worse, criminal.

In the matter of money laundering, Article 648 bis of the Penal Code Establishes severe penalties, “with imprisonment from four to twelve years and a fine from 5,000 euros to 25,000 euros. The penalty is increased when the offense is committed in the course of a professional activity. The penalty is reduced if the money, goods or other benefits arise from an offense for which a prison sentence of less than five years has been established. Maximum “.

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And again, to justify the movement of funds abroad Your bank may ask for a written statement Where the reasons for the transfer are explained in detail. In short, before donating money, stay under the caps to avoid trouble with the tax authorities.

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