Cup Flyer, here are the shows you can’t miss: “Crazy”

As could be guessed from the name barn It defines a large number of cooperatives dedicated to working in the context of food and is therefore a name associated with supermarkets, hypermarkets and large-scale food distribution in general. It has been around since the second half of the 1960s and over the decades, spreading more or less throughout Italy, even if some regions are “richer” than Coop’s centres, such as Sicily and Tuscany, which can count on up to 270 points each. Coop, like other forms of food distributors, uses flyer display extensively.

Cup Flyer, here are the shows you can’t miss: “Crazy”

The flyer, due to the “differentiated” nature of the co-op, varies greatly by city or region, even if some limited-time offers are valid throughout the national territory.

Coop is so widespread that it was also one of the first supermarket chains to offer advanced home shopping services, enhanced by EasyCoop and is also the developer of a rapidly growing mobile service called CoopVoce.

The General Prospectus, valid for the first week of February 2023, includes a good portion of offers such as:

  • Fresh Stuffed Frog Pasta €2.29
  • Divella Semolina Pasta 500g for € 0.59
  • McCain’s Baked Potatoes for €1.70.
  • Pork roast beef €5.90

All offers can be found on the downloadable flyer available at This is amazing Tabuk.

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