Cuneo gymnasium closed for 12 days has been arranged

Twelve days of cessation of activity. This is the ruling of the Cuneo Police Commissioner, Nicola Baresi, who applied Article 100 of the Tulps (Text of Public Safety Laws) to the “Body Shape” gym, a club in the basement of the corridors of Via San Giovanni Bosco. The shutdown began yesterday (May 28) and will continue until June 8, with reopening the following day. The commissioner’s order refers to the punishment brought by the police of the Labor Inspection Unit on January 26, when the gym was officially closed to the public due to anti-Covid regulations, but there were those who trained on the back. Thus, after the check, the gym managers were fined (400 euros, 280 if payment was made within 5 days) and the decision to temporarily close. “We immediately honored the fine – an explanation from Body Shape – but since the decree to stop the gyms is still in effect, so the police chief’s ruling is not applicable, the suspension is now in effect, as we can be open.” That is, yesterday, four days after May 24, the government’s green light date for activities in the gym. “It reopened on Monday and closed on Friday, it is very painful – they add -. This does not mean that this is an ideal period for the masses, the warm season is killing many customers, but we came from 7 months of closure due to the epidemic, the year was disastrous, and we expected more understanding.” “. “Twelve days is not the end of the world – they concluded -, this is how it goes, there is no point in revolting. We will respect it. The danger is losing the license.”

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