CU 2023, Instructions: How to Fill It Out?

To compile the 2023 Revenue Agency Form, which needs precise compilation rules and deadlines. Let’s see what they are in the next article, so that we can be ready to compile without making any mistakes.


Go to File Compilation Model CU 2023Necessary for a tax return. L’revenue agency He had published the first draft version on December 15, and only a month later the final version appeared. To be precise, the judgment of January 17, 2023 approved the form and instructions.

For the deadline to be met, the form must be submitted no later than March 16, 2023. Let’s find out together the novelties and modes of operation of the new model.

CU 2023: Here’s all the news

Income declaration

Let’s first see what they are News to collect Individual Certificate Form 2023. As we said earlier, the deadline to submit it is March 16, 2023. The main changes are:

  • for any concern Gasoline bonusthe amount is exempt up to a maximum of 200 euros per worker;
  • StandardsAssigning discounts to family membersHence the Prospectus for Dependent Family Members has been updated;
  • In 2022, the methods of attributing the complementary treatment envisaged in the event of a total taxation higher than the deduction due, recognized for income not exceeding 15 thousand euros but attributed, in the presence of certain requirements, to incomes up to 28 thousand euros;
  • In the section about Contribution to the supplementary retirement system It was specified that, starting from this year, data on contributions paid to Italian sub-accounts for pan-European individual pension products should also be reported.
  • a new iconwith relevant annotations, to locate The exempted part of the income paid to professors and researcherswho returned to Italy before 2020 and who, as of December 31, 2019, have exercised the option to adhere to the regime provided for in Article 44 of Legislative Decree No. 78/2010;
  • Finally, the set of information in the annotations related to Rent discount In an amount equal to 20% of the total rent and, in any case, within the limit of 2,000 euros maximum.

CU 2023: Revenue Agency Instructions


Now let’s see what they are Instructions provided by the Revenue Agency in connection with the compilation of the 2023 currency unit. In detail, this consists of:

  • Book title page which contains information regarding the type of communication, data of the alternative, data regarding the representative who signed the communication, the signature of the communication, and the commitment to the electronic submission;
  • Computed tomography plate which contains the information relating to the electronic receipt of data relating to 730 forms made available by the Revenue Agency;
  • One certificate 2023 That shows tax and social security data related to employee certification, similar tax assistance and self-employment certification, commissions, and other income as well as tax data related to income certification related to short-term leases.

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