CS:GO, a player has eliminated the entire opposing team in one fell swoop, that’s a feat

Recently, a player achieved a very rare feat CS:GO: has been deleted a The entire opponents team in one shot. It’s a shot of herOne chance in a billionTo the fans (we don’t think they actually did the math, but you get what they mean).

The event was shared via reddit You can watch the video below. The game starts in the normal way and the CS: GO player moves with his team around the map until he participates in the first confrontation with the opposing team and in the smoke of a grenade he fires his first shot and immediately all opponents are dead, as can be seen in the upper right of the video by the red notifications. Pay attention to the size of the video, it is very high.

AWP 5k – 1 bullet
by u/njhypeisdad in Global aggression

Given the peculiarity of the thing, it is possible that it was Structured with the goal of creating a viral video In CS:GO, however, the reaction of the players and the lightness with which the user approaches the shot seems to indicate that it is really an accidental situation, where the entire opposing team is in a direct line to receive that single shot. In a longer version of the video on YouTube, one of the players can also be heard saying, “Yeah, make a clip of this,” implying that he wasn’t ready for the event.

Even on Reddit, players’ reactions tend toward luck rather than faking. In general, they still maintain that it is a A very rare eventwith many users claiming to have only seen it one more time.

It was also explained that one shot from a sniper rifle was not enough to finish off all opponents and that it was essential to throw two grenades, which damaged the opponents’ health. This also shows how difficult it is to create the right conditions for this event.

Speaking of rarity, did you know that in CS:GO, one skin is selling for $160K and the other is on sale for $400K?

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