Crytek is working on a new, undisclosed trilogy, possibly a sandbox FPS

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Crytek is currently working on an unannounced Triple-A game, according to some recent job listings. Although we don’t know much about this new game, the job listings indicate that it could be an FPS sandbox game.

Unspoken Crytek Job List -1

Unspoken Crytek Job List -2

From what we know so far, Crytek and Saber are probably working on Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 adapters.

Not only that, but according to some leaked documents, Crytek had plans for the Crysis VR and Crysis Next. Crysis VR was supposed to be an FPS sandbox game in virtual reality. On the other hand, Crysis Next was a free royale battle game. It also reads his description.

“Crysis Next is a free-to-play battle royale game where hundreds of players collide in fast-paced combat. The visual customization, powers of the adaptive nanosuit, and visually stunning combat in an immersive world creates the ultimate livestreaming experience. The Crysis franchise has all the features that make battle royale stand out. Play. Style and setting. High production value. “

Stay tuned for more!

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