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Crow Merlin disappears from the Tower of London, and the kingdom fears a tragic prophecy

Raven Merlinna has disappeared the Tower of London, and the kingdom fears the ordeal of a tragic prophecy

Merlinna, the most famous resident of the Tower of London, has been missing for weeks now. The United Kingdom trembles, fearing the fulfillment of the prophecy dating back to the time of Charles II that the country will collapse if the number of crows in the tower falls below 6.

The building guards and ravenmaster (RavenMaster) are alarmed by the recent disappearance of the famous Merlena, whom many define as the “Queen of the Ravens”. Now there is no trace of her: there is a fear of her death, which many have shunned for the dire consequences that could spread to the UK.

7 so far the ravens located in the Tower of London, only two units fulfill the prophecy that dates back to the seventeenth century. Two units stand out as valuable to Great Britain, given the already poor historical period the British have experienced: the rumors in Scotland, the events of Brexit and the disastrous reality of the pandemic.

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And so the race begins to re-house the birds, because we know, even the superstitious non-believers, it always seems good not to challenge fate and more than at any time in this period. The last resettlement took place a year and a half ago, with 4 chicks born, and we know how many things happened in the meantime and how much that date is very far away. To give an idea of ​​the potential danger of the demographic decline in crow farming in London, it suffices to go back in time to World War I, when the black bird population fell to one unit. Prime Minister Churchill himself ordered that from that moment the crows in the tower should never drop below number 6.

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To provide the necessary care to the crows in London in the historic building on the banks of the Thames, so Ravenmaster, who lives in a private apartment inside the tower and takes care of their feeding to ensure their hygienic conditions. The inexplicable disappearance of Merlin in the past few days stunned everyone, but this is not surprising, given the inability to explain the phenomena raging today on the territory of the Kingdom.

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