Crossfire is the most played FPS game of all time, with over 698 million players –

shoot Some really cool numbers. I think he can show off well 698 million players, since its launch in the now distant 2007. A really massive amount, considering the numbers that make up the other titles. The game is especially popular in China and South Korea, where the bulk of its user base is located (in our country it is less well-known, although it is distributed in 80 regions).

The development team revealed some Crossfire data during a press presentation of Crossfire: Legion, the franchise’s real-time strategy in the coming months. Do you think we’re talking about over eight million contemporary players, which is a really huge amount compared to the numbers that make up other titles. By comparison, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the most played title on Steam, now has less than a million contemporary players.

Another significant source for Crossfire is the success of the television series, visible only in the East, which has had 1.8 billion views. In short, a title Smilegate Entertainment It is one of the global successes that is impossible to ignore.

From this data it should be clear the importance Crossfire X, the new version of the game developed by Remedy that is also coming to consoles. In our parts, it may not have much appeal, but in certain areas, it is very predictable and can help a lot in popularizing the Xbox brand and its subscription services, because they are exclusive.

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