Creating and Selling NFTs on Instagram: Meta Idea

at the end of September, Half she has Pregnancy on me Instagram New useful sharing feature NFT Purchased or maintained on other platforms. However, the group’s plans regarding non-fungible currencies do not stop there: today announcing a system that allows them to be created and sold directly, without having to go through external services.

Are you ready to conquer NFTs on Instagram?

The testing phaseAt first, only a small group of US-based creators participated in it. Collectibles will be based on Polygon Blockchain It can also be sold through third party marketplaces.

Going back to the job that was recently introduced in more than 100 countries, it is the job that allows you to show a file Non-Fungible Code For their followers, support is now guaranteed for the Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow blockchains. Support for OpenSea metadata is also guaranteed, to be displayed as it actually happens Twitter profile pictures.

The stated goal is to introduce users of the platform New monetization options. Among these, also the only baptized gift: in fact, creators can receive money (similar to what happens with tips) while seeing the reels, in a way very similar to the one already working for some time in the TikTok competitor. Again, testing currently affects a small group of accounts.

Another view of how the vision shared last year by Adam Mosseri, number one on Instagram: The social network is no longer a photo or video sharing service, it has become entertainment platform.

Those interested in trading NFT Today it can be directed to the shop run by giants crypto world. Among these, for example, Crypto.comAnd the Queen Piece And the Binance.

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