Cream of Tartar is the “forgotten yeast” that needs to be completely rediscovered: Here’s how to use it

Tartara cream
Cream of Tartar – Street Food News

A yeast that is no longer commonly used is Cremor Tartato, which is very useful for preparing many dishes. Let’s see how to use it.

There are a lot of dishes to be made involving the use of yeastIt is now a common and widespread ingredient in all kitchens. Yeast widely used by is Tart cream that although it is no longer popular, it can be rediscovered to cook delicious recipes.

Tartara cream It is sour salt It is used in the preparation of dishes that require fermentation, it is useful for it Stabilize and thicken the egg whites. It is also called Potassium bitartrate comes as a very fine powder Although it is very salty, it has no taste or smell.

This food It has many health benefits When used in moderation, it is derived from tartaric acid and is similar to baking soda. Today it is very easy to find it in any supermarket or food store, it is sold as a bakery or pastry product.

A rarely used but often acidic ingredient in Cremor Tartato baking powder And Very useful and re-discovering it can change the yield for the best of many recipes. Let’s see its benefits and how to use it.

Benefits of cream of tartar

Cremor Tartato is used less and less in kitchens, due to the fact that it is believed to be unhealthy, in fact It has many health benefits. among those Prevents acne Being an antioxidant and antibacterial, Fight constipation And Counteracts stomach acidity Lowering the pH of the stomach.

Other important benefits are these for earthquakes It does not contain gluten and is a very useful option in recipes for yeast intolerances. The cream of tartar is Also recommended for vegetarians Because it does not contain substances of animal origin.

Desserts with Creamy Tartatto – Street Food News

Cremore Tartatto: How to use it in the kitchen

Among the many recipes that can be made with Cremor Tartato, the most important are those that include Beat egg whites, and therefore purely sweet dishes. This food defines albumin Increase the volume of prepared food and retain it.

The acidity inside Cremor Tartato dissolves egg white proteins, As a result, it becomes faster to gain more volume and elasticity Leaves the dough very soft Whatever candy. It is also useful to know This substance is added to baking soda and cornstarch It is the least aggressive leavening agent and the end product of the food will be perfect.

Another way to use this magical food Add it to recipes that contain a lot of sugar, like caramel or syrup, in this case the cremore tartato prevents the sugar from crystallizing and thus cracking. It can also be used With vegetables as a substitute for milkand maintain the bright color of the components.

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