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There is a little trick in WhatsApp that allows you to silence the conversations of inappropriate users without falling into a trap. Here’s how to do it on Android and iPhone

The WhatsApp It has now become an indispensable application, thanks to its massive worldwide reach. Those who use a smartphone have surely downloaded it to their mobile device which explains why the Meta-owned messaging platform continues to outpace very similar competing apps, such as Telegram.

The WhatsApp
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This generalization, however, can cause some embarrassment among Users. Consider, for example, who would like to block someone The WhatsApp, because it might prove annoying. How do we do that and, above all, how do you avoid leaving a “trace”, considering that they both use the same messaging app?

Well, there is a very simple “trick” for Block someone on WhatsApp without them noticing. There is no need to install any third party apps and the process is really accessible to everyone. In some jokes, you will be able to Mute the conversation With this user, without resorting to the final ban of the chat. An effective remedy for “breaking” relations with this person and continuing to receive notifications from other contacts, without being bothered by this user who does not really like it.

By silencing the conversation, the instant messaging platform will not generate any notification of new messages from the blocked person. The latter, however, He won’t notice anything. You were interested in those details, right? You are satisfied here.

How to silence WhatsApp chats on Android and iOS

The WhatsApp
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But what should be done, more precisely? It’s very simple. Enter the Meta-owned messaging app and long press on the chat you want to silence. At this point, choose the custom icon and that’s it. The WhatsApp It will give you the opportunity to choose the time during which the chat is silenced: 8 hours, for a week or forever. Select the option that you think is most appropriate. These steps are available in both the Android and iOS (iPhone) app.

Want to return everything to how it was before? It is very simple, as it is not a definitive cure. All you have to do is follow the reverse procedure, then open the messaging app, tap and hold on the chat that has already been silenced and select the unlock option. At any point in time, the conversation will be unlocked and you will return to receive notifications for every new message sent by the previously “silenced” interlocutor.

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