Crazy Roar, Then Fire: Horror in a School

Dangerous fire after a violent explosion: This happened a few hours ago at a school in Aberdeen, Scotland.

A massive fire, visible even from a distance, broke out at a school in Aberdeen, Scotland, Northfield Academy. Firefighting teams are still busy on the site to put out the flames.

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The frightening fire at Aberdeen School

A dense column of black smoke began to rise over Aberdeen’s sky just before 2 PM local time. Police officers also immediately rushed to the scene. Five firefighters from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service entered the school to address what locals described as a frightening fire.

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In recent weeks, some construction work has been underway at the school, with scaffolding clearly visible around the building. Local politician Jay Ingerson was close when the fire broke out and posted a video of the smoke leaking from the building on his Twitter account. “I just heard an explosion near Northfield Academy or in. Really worried about people there,” he wrote.

Ingerson, who lives on a nearby street, said he heard a “tremendous roar”. He added: “We went out immediately and saw a thick column of smoke.” More: “The house seemed to be shaking a little. It was so exciting.” The students were immediately evacuated and taken to their homes, and several other residents later reported hearing a very violent “explosion”. At the moment, it is not known if there are any casualties: the information is expected to be updated in the next few hours.

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