Cram Diet: The Diet to Get a Flat Stomach in Just 3 Days!

Diet Honorable It is among the most talked about diets, especially because it prides itself on its ability to donate a flat stomach. In this article, we will talk about the cram diet and how to follow it to get a flat stomach in a few weeks.

The Cram Diet: Origins and Diet

It’s called the cram diet and its origins are american. The four foods allowed by the diet are: grains, rice, apples and milk.

This diet in particular aims to empty the belly and purify the body, and is, in fact, a path to detox.

These foods must be combined two liters of water per day, This is to eliminate excess toxins. Diet should be followed for 3 days, However, one must not eat anything other than the four items listed above.

Combine physical activity

It is important to associate the Cram diet with physical activity, walking is also good, not necessarily in the gym, but it is necessary to do so.

Since only 4 foods are allowed, it goes without saying that it is a restrictive diet, so do not repeat it for more than 3 days and in any case not before hearing your doctor’s opinion.

Purify yourself during the cram diet

On the days of the cram diet, it is also necessary purificationwith herbal teas that promote diuresis and thus help get rid of excess fluid.

Cram diet, example of a daily menu

Well, now that we know what the Cram Diet is, how to follow it, and for how long, here’s an example of a daily diet, from breakfast to dinner:

Daily Cram Diet Menu:

Breakfast: apple juice, milk and rusk.

Morning snack: 1 cooked apple

Lunch: brown rice dish with oil and lemon.

Afternoon snack: a cup of skim milk.

Dinner: a plate of whole grain pasta with oil and basil.

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