Covid, we return to disco: what are the rules of the Italian experience

At the disco in 2000 June 5th. It looks like an ad is coming from outside, like the ones that have been read in recent months and from Israel, the UK and Spain. Instead, the initiative is promoted by the Italian Association of Entertainment and Dance Companies (Silb-Fipe), which has organized a rehearsal night to recreate the nightlife. The experiment will take place in two different rooms, one A. Gallipoli, Outdoors, and one a Milan, Inside.

Places chosen for this first night of fun are on Salento il Braga Club, Which hosts about two thousand people on the Galileo Galilei waterfront, and in the Lombard capital Manufacture, Which thanks to its modular structure can accommodate up to 3 thousand. Night folks will only be able to enter the disco with a show Green corridor, And A. neutral Even when out.

Covid, Back to the Disco: Nightclub Vaccine Proposal

Had to announce it Maurizo Post, Silb-Fipe president, who also spoke about the association’s nightclub managers being available to organize open days for VaccinesMaybe near summer events, disco nights, and concerts, to reach even the youngest.

According to a press release, “gazebos and” outdoor spaces “will be needed, but logistical problems can be solved thanks to close cooperation with the government. The President stressed,” We are ready “to be able to return to Normal state As quickly as possible, invite all managers who have the potential to contribute to the vaccination campaign.

Covid, to return to disco on June 5: The protocol is under scrutiny by Cts

Maurizio Basca also announced that A. protocol Healthy To re-open Discos, Which will be submitted to the Scientific Technical Committee for initial evaluation. According to the first rumors, nightclub guidelines stipulate mandatory use of a mask, while it will not be necessary to respect social distancing.

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Entrances in locali covid is freeAfter the curfew is suspended, it will be controlled by purchasing tickets in a way that allows customers to be tracked. To get to the discos, it will be necessary to show the green corridor. Only disposable items can be used at the counter, and the building must be sanitized daily.

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