Covid – Wave rise: 36 thousand injuries in 24 hours, and the United Kingdom 106 thousand. Divine Christmas holiday, but for Sileri School is not a problem

The Covid curve continues to grow: in the last day in Italy the threshold has been crossed 36000 injuries, With nearly 150 deaths and The swab positivity rate is up to 4.7%. So it goes back to touching that which I considered 5% in the past as a symbolic percentage to represent the Covid alert. Among other things, Italy remains among the least participating countries: In the UK there were 106,000 cases In just twenty-four hours, with increasingly strict social measures.

‘Squeeze’ on the way

Even on our peninsula we are starting to tighten procedures, with tampons which can also be enforced in environments that are now free and masks to wear Even outdoors.


at the same time. The pressure on hospitals is back on the rise, even in intensive care. Other diseases should be added to the coronavirus infections. “Unlike the first waves, there are also many non-Covid patients this time around, so there’s also this issue that needs to be addressed,” said USL Commissioner Massimo Operti, who runs Parini Hospital in Aosta.

Eggs and Dragons outperform Befana DaD

Even in schools the problem begins to arise: in the morning, the minister Patrizio Bianchi Talk about 10,000 people in quarantine.

the Christmas holiday, which is always taken at these hours, thus becomes Providence. The increase in positivity cases, in fact, with the opening of schools could expand further. So much so that many people are already pushing to postpone the enforced suspension for at least two weeks, thus resuming teaching activities from January 7 in paternal mode. Then we start again in the third decade of the same month.

The Minister of Education himself and the Prime Minister also, Mario Draghi, after the chiefs, immediately said that they were against it.

Even according to the Vatican, the closure of schools “could not fail to emphasize the seriousness of such a measure, which in the future will only have to be considered.” the last Rate They are adopted in extreme cases and only after other anti-epidemic measures have been tried such as the different arrangement of buildings and transportation and the organization and schedules of whole school life.”

Celery reassures the school

In the meantime, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health is still talking about possible developments, Berpaolo Celeri: “If there are a lot of casualties or hospitals are overcrowded – Vidilina said – School is not the problemBut that’s all that’s left.”

“When you have areas of the country that go from yellow to orange to red, the problem is the closure. It’s not closing or delaying the school, but closing it in a certain area,” Celer reassures himself, as he has denied himself since the day before sayingWe will decide within a week on the resumption of studies: will depend on the peak of the Omicron variable.”

Coming soon control room decisions

Wednesday December 23, anyway, control room From the emergency will meet again: The Prime Minister made it clear that school is not one of the topics on the agenda.

However, the New Year problem must be addressed one way or another. And if in the meantime the infection curve does not go back down, the forced DAD hypothesis will certainly return to vogue. Also because in the meantime Vaccination campaign for children under 11 years of age It will remain in its infancy, and it will also be necessary to put an end to the severe infection of that age group, which is still minimally immunized, who goes to primary school.

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