Covid variable risk: Cases with unknown mutations are on the rise, now there are 9

In Great Britain, the English alternative is frightening: the announced “free all” announcement scheduled by the end of June has been postponed for at least a month, to prevent deregulation from fueling the mutating virus, and the vaccination campaign scrapped. A variant, called delta, which appears to have 80% more prevalence than the (now prevalent) English type, which in turn contains 50% more than the original virus


In Lombardy, this has been explained by the region, putting the English alternative under control, is considered frightening, but for the time being there will be no conditions of great concern.

; According to the announcement by Lombard Vice President and Welfare Consultant Letizia Moratti, “delta” was found on 81 citizens: in May in about 1.2% of the 5841 genotypes performed, in June in 1.1% of the total examined so far 786 genotypes.

In Bergamo, except for the cases identified in May with the arrival of citizens of Indian origin (but with an Italian passport or dual passport) with a flight from the Indian subcontinent that landed in Orio al Serio, the positives are currently with the Indian variant being 2, as of Tuesday June 15, in fact, there were 4 (a couple, husband and wife, Indians, residing in the eastern district of Bergamo only yesterday were negative: their condition, which remained under the control of the Ats, did not allow us to return to the «Link» Contagion).

Of the two currently positive cases, both are residents of Bassa, one of whom is a Pakistani national, the other a citizen of Bergamo (for the first, the infection is linked to an outbreak in the Brescia region, and for the second case, its source has not been clarified. ).

“The interest in cases of the Indian variant is maximum: work is also being done to reconstruct contacts of people identified as positive with this type of mutation, which, we must remember, quarantine continues until net negativity is reached – statements by Lucia Antonioli, President Department of Hygiene and Sanitation of Ats in Bergamo – Two cases of the couple are now negative and there are no further infections; for the other two we are testing contacts made, even in their living situations, such as housing units where one of the positives lives, to check for any further infections .

Tests do not currently indicate another positive ‘delta’, but it is also true that for some people who have been identified as having been in contact with the two infected, results have yet to come out. In the Bergamo region, most of the new pluses relate to the English form. The replacement that has now completely replaced the original, isolated during the outbreak of the epidemic

. At the moment, even in a particularly anxious state, for the Indian, there are no urgent warnings.” Also because, as the Lombardy region also reiterated, infections categorized as “delta” showed a slight decrease in June. Thus, vaccinations play an important role, with a campaign that we try to keep as strictly as possible.

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