Covid vaccine avoids hospitalization, better talk from Pfizer: Study

Moderna’s Most Effective Vaccine by Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson against Coronavirus in Hospitals. This is the “ranking” determined by the study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention between March and August in the United States. Moderna’s vaccine protected 93% of hospitalizations for coronavirus, compared to 88% attributed to Pfizer and 71% characterized by Johnson & Johnson.

The study included 3,600 non-immunosuppressed adults. Other than various statements, “all FDA-approved or authorized vaccines guarantee significant protection against hospitalization for covid-19.” The main difference between the two mRna vaccines is that protection from the full Pfizer vaccine is reduced after about 4 months. This aspect can be affected by several factors, including the period between the two administrations: 3 weeks for the Pfizer vaccine, 4 weeks for the Moderna vaccine. The researchers acknowledge that “potential differences between the groups receiving the vaccine,” items “not considered in the analysis,” could also play a role.

The study takes into account the evolution of the situation over a long period. The effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine is 91% between day 14 and day 120 after the second dose, but decreases to 77% over 4 months after the end of the vaccination course.

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