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Covid, US considering vaccination obligation for foreign visitors

President Biden to report on Covid in the United States

Whashington – Who knows who designed a file this summer Leisure trip to the United States, The possibility of entering the states is still pendingFor travelers who have been, in the past 14 days, in a country in the Schengen Area (including Italy), the United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, South Africa, China or Iran. But things can change: Biden administration He will work out a plan according to it tAll foreign visitors traveling to the United States They must be fully vaccinated. CNN reported that it was quoting sources from the White House and explained how anyway There are exceptions. He explained that the plan will still be in a preliminary stage of preparation and at the present time there is no imminent announcement. So the current restrictions are still in effect for the time being.

If given the green light, it will fall into the gradual approach of the Biden administration Ease restrictions imposed on foreign visitors.

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