Covid: UK and France travel chaos still no restrictions on New Year

The number of flights canceled around the world since the Friday before Christmas has risen to 8,000, and governments are evaluating possible additional restrictions to contain the infection.

Omicron throw aShade in the new year. With the variable rapidly spreading globally, the chaos of travel continues: It has risen 8,000 flights canceled around the world As of the Friday before Christmas, governments are evaluating any additional restrictions to contain the infection. In the UK, Boris Johnson’s government decided not to launch new measures before the New Year for England, while in France, the government – concerned that more than 100,000 deaths were recorded on Saturday – launched a “vaccination card” which established that to enter the building you would need to be vaccinated It will not be sufficient for a negative test. But he decided there would be no New Year’s Eve curfew. Meanwhile, Israel has begun a study of the fourth dose of the vaccine, the first of its kind in the world: At Sheba Medical Center, outside Tel Aviv, 150 medical staff who received a booster dose in August were given the fourth dose of the Pfizer vaccine. BioNTech.

in a United kingdom The situation will be heterogeneous. For England, in fact, The government has not decided on further restrictions, reserving the right to adopt them in Januaryor. British Health Secretary Sajid Javid’s words were “Celebrate outdoors if you can, keep the house ventilated if you can”, “Please be careful” and “Do a quick test” before attending the events. While Wales and Northern Ireland began closing nightclubs from Sunday, Scotland joined this measure from today.

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in a France The news came from the Health Defense Council, chaired by Emmanuel Macron in the early afternoon at the Elysee, and from the subsequent extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers: Despite the fifth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic and the increase in cases of the Omicron variant, the government has decided not to impose a curfew on New Year’s EveThe beginning of the school year will not be postponed is expected On January 3rd. But the government is focusing on the vaccination permit on the Italian model. To access restaurants, bars, museums, theatres, media libraries, seminars, galleries, gymnasiums, sports facilities and shows, it will be necessary to prove that you have received the vaccination, and the test will not be sufficient. This new rule, if approved by Parliament, will take effect on January 15. From January 3, events will be allowed with a maximum of 2,000 people indoors and 5,000 people outdoors, and governors and mayors will be able to order outdoor masks in some city centers, and “from the beginning of the school year and for three weeks, at all businesses and for all employees who If it is possible for them, the use of remote work will be mandatory, for a period of at least three days a week, and four days if possible,” Prime Minister Jan Castex announced. Moreover, on the recommendation of the Haute Autorité de santé, as of tomorrow in France, it will be possible to obtain a booster dose of the anti-Covid vaccine already after 3 months.

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There is, too Greece It chose not to impose restrictions on New Year’s Eve: Measures – such as a commitment to put high protective masks on public transport and in supermarkets, closing entertainment venues at midnight, and extending remote work to the public sector – will start from January 3. The fear was that if the measures went into effect early, they would lead to more private meetings indoors.

in a Poland Nightclubs that are now closed will be allowed to reopen on New Year’s Eve, and Russia will also impose a few restrictions that evening. Unlike Belgium, new measures have been introduced from today, with cinemas and concert halls closed while families are on vacation. L ‘Holland Already closed from Sunday 19th December and will remain there until 14th January.

As for the United States of America, as a mandatory vaccination requirement for workers in private companies goes into effect in New York today, Anthony Fauci warns, “It’s going to get worse before it gets better.” “We don’t expect things to change in a few days or a week. It will probably take longer, but it is unpredictable,” he told ABC.

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