Covid, this is how the gym became the new vaccination center in Oresina

Opening of the vaccination center in Oresina. Silvano photos

Cut the tape in the name of Reda

TRIESTE large car park, work stations are already operational and outdoor tents to house people waiting to receive their sun vaccination. Ribbon cut with a spirit of contentment today, Tuesday, May 4, at the Aurisina Gym, which has become Asugi’s new vaccination center. Of the 8 people already in line, doctors are available to advise, Civil Protection is obligated to maintain order in the large car park set up outside.

Several people in the queue were able to keep the remaining distance in the shade secured by parachutes. The ceremony was attended, among other things, by the Regional Health Counselor Ricardo Ricardi and Mayor Daniela Pallotta, who thanked the Civil Protection in particular for the service rendered. Ricardi repeated the vaccination call: Now, after 530,000 doses have arrived in the region, nearly 100,000 are still waiting for reservations, indicating that citizens are responding slowly.

Suffice it to say that at 6 pm yesterday Monday 3 May, according to data provided by Ricardi himself, reservations made during the day across the region were less than 14,000 (13,967). Governor Massimiliano Fedriga also announced yesterday his intention to ask Commissioner Vigliolo to expect to open custody agendas for non-chronically ill citizens under the age of 60 (starting from the ages 55-59 or 50-59), if the response of other age groups already vaccinated will remain lower. the expected.

Trieste, so Aurisina Gymnasium became a new vaccination center

Meanwhile, the road map continues to open vaccination facilities in the area.

On Thursday it will be Muggia’s turn, as the hospital’s new additional location will open at 1.30pm in the “Pacco” gym via D’Annunzio 6.

At 3 pm on the same day, the Cormons will take over, as the outpatient clinic of the former hospital at viale Venezia Giulia 74 has been identified as the new vaccination center.

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