Covid, the new rules from May 1 in 10 questions and answers

What will be the rules in the workplace?

In public and private workplaces – with the exception of hospitals and the RSA – the obligation to use only recommended masks and devices has not been extended. However, employers in the private sector may, if they consider it appropriate, decide to maintain the protocols in force that stipulate the mandatory nature of these protective devices. FFP2 masks are recommended in public offices, in particular, for employees who are in contact with the public without suitable protective barriers, for those queuing in the canteen or other public areas, for those sharing a room with “fragile” employees, in elevators and in cases where Spaces cannot exclude crowding.

Will the mask remain mandatory in school?

Yes, the obligation until the end of the school year was already stipulated by the last anti-Covid decree in March. The government decided not to back down, despite continued pressure to remove it in recent days. In the Classroom Surgery is sufficient.

If I go shopping or go to the supermarket, should I bring a mask with me?

Not anymore. In shops, malls, supermarkets, bars and restaurants indoors, a mask will not be mandatory from May 1. As well as in public offices, banks, post offices, museums, discos, as well as in barbershops, hairdressers and beauticians. But since these indoor spaces are “public” or “open to the public”, their use is recommended.

Can the mask be dispensed with in cinemas and theaters?

No, Ffp2 masks will be worn until the end of May in CinemaIn the theaters And for all internal shows like i Concertsas well as in Gyms. as well as in Hospitals And Rsa.

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Can the mask be removed from the stadium?

After a long arm wrestling, it was decided that a mask would not be mandatory on the court.

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