Covid: The first tests with certificates in Spain at the beginning – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – MADRID, June 07 – Various regions of Spain have started issuing digital (even physical in some cases) covid certificates to encourage the mobility of citizens: “We are more than twenty days before the date of the mandatory entry into force on July 1, said Undersecretary of Digital Health, Alfredo Gonzalez, at a press conference.

The certificate certifies that the person has already completed a course of vaccination approved by the EMA or the World Health Organization against covid for at least 14 days, or that they have tested negative for a swab or rapid test, or that they have contracted the disease in the past six months and have healed.

“The whole month of June will be considered a trial period,” Gonzalez explained, who nonetheless noted that these are indeed valid certificates. At the same time, he added, Spain will from now on recognize certificates of this type issued by other EU member states.

From today, people with an approved full vaccination course can enter Spanish territory without restrictions. To do this, it is still necessary to follow the instructions on the site (handle).

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