Covid, the first doses of animal vaccine produced in Russia

According to the agency InterfaxA file is being prepared to register the “vaccine” abroad, especially in the countries of the European Union. For now – Milano L. Tas Up to three million doses can be produced per month. In the future, if the requests arrive, it will be possible to increase this amount up to five million. “Preclinical studies of the vaccine began last August. Tests were conducted on mink, cats, dogs and rodents, and according to Russian authorities, the efficacy and safety of the vaccine have been proven.”

A few days ago, news emerged of the positive results of the first anti-Covid vaccine being tested in the first stage in cats, made by the Italian company Evvivax. The experiment was conducted in the United States in cooperation with the US company Applied Dina. The natural reservoir for more than 70% of emerging infectious diseases, animals have been under special surveillance since the beginning of the epidemic.

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