Covid, the Consulta: The commitment to vaccinate healthcare workers and over 50s remains

there constitutional court “save”Vaccine requirements Fight covid It was introduced by the Draghi government in 2021 to some professional categories that they over 50. The court found the questions raised by five judicial offices inadmissible and unfounded.
In particular, the court considered, for procedural reasons, that the question of impossibility is inadmissible, for those practicing health professions who have not fulfilled the obligation to vaccinate, Doing work activitywhen it does not involve personal contacts.

On the other hand, the choices of the legislator adopted during the epidemic period depend on the obligation to vaccinate health workers. Finally, the questions proposed with reference to the provision that excludes, in the event of failure to fulfill the obligation to vaccinate and the time of suspension, the payment of the check to be paid by the employer to those who have been suspended. Considered unfounded and this, both health workers and school staff. This was announced by the Communication and Press Office of the Constitutional Court, pending the issuance of rulings.

Physicians’ demand: also to consult citizen health basic vaccines

The Doctors Syndicate welcomed the opinion Consult. “The Constitutional Court upheld itCommitment to getting a Covid vaccine For health care workers, given that the choices made by the government are neither unreasonable nor disproportionate – said the President of the National Federation of Physicians and Dentists (Fnomceo), Filippo Agnelli – so the feeling we have in the worst period of Covid when people died, the vaccine It could, in fact, be the perfect solution to be able to get out of that tragic situation confirmed by Consulta ». This means, added Agnelli, “that the Constitutional Court’s vaccines are also an essential tool for ensuring the health of citizens.”

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