Covid, stop obligating masks on transport and hospitals: virologists divided

As of October 1, commitment to wear mask On buses, trains, metros, hospitals, medical clinics and RSA. According to Adnkronos Health, the Ministry of Health will not be willing to intervene between now and September 30, to extend commitment to a new program ranking. Alternatively, there could be a recommendation from the directorate to wear it in case of gatherings. The issue of Ffp2 mask adherence in hospitals, clinics and Rsa is the most sensitive and if there should be a more pronounced return of the epidemiological curve, the intervention after October 1 can only reach this type of place.

Covid: Ricciardi, ‘Stop the mask on the bus and hospitals leave viruses’

“If we eliminate the use of masks that contain a very contagious germ today – each person infects about 19 – we are giving it the green light, especially in hospitals where people go for treatment and may be at risk of infection, not to mention the risks of health workers.” Walter Ricciardi, professor of hygiene at the Catholic University, told Adnkronos Salute about the expiration, on September 30, of the obligation to wear a protective device on public transport and in health facilities.

“I hope there will be an extension of the commitment in these environments – continues Ricciardi – because otherwise, the current trend of increased infections, caused by restarting schools, will get faster. There will already be, in a few weeks, problems progressing the pandemic curve.” The British experience exemplifies the dangers.

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“In the UK, where all precautions have been canceled – the expert confirms – today they have 200,000 health workers with Long Covid and between 2 and 3 million citizens suffering from the effects of infection. So the virus must be tackled and the use of masks in closed and crowded spaces is one of the tools to do that Of course, the main means of discrepancy remains vaccination and even in this we are late.. He concludes that if we do not prepare an active combat strategy that somehow anticipates the virus, we are clearly exposing ourselves to problems, especially between October and November, noting that “the use of masks is still essential.”

COVID: Brigliasco, good transport masks

At this stage of the epidemic, “yes” to stop the use of masks on trains and public transportation, which ends on September 30. To agree with the end of the procedure, State University virologist and medical director of the Galeazzi Hospital in Milan, Fabrizio Brigliasco, says: “We got it. We are at a point where prescriptions can be evaluated and categorized in some way. I also see him on the train, now people are tired of masks. We earned it by getting a good share of the vaccinated people. But the appeal to the weak is always timely, and they must be reminded.”

But, Brigliasco adds, “we must be prepared, prepare to plan for new scenarios. It is right to graduate the scales according to the severity of the spread of Covid. With regard to this current increase in cases “we hope it will be just a recovery wave and not a new one,” concludes Brigliasco.

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