COVID, Singapore will no longer pay for medical treatment for those who are not vaccinated by choice

In Singapore, those who are not vaccinated by choice and develop Covid-19 will have to pay their medical bills starting December 8. A move NGO Health Minister Yi Kong described as an “important signal” to get everyone immunized, at a press conference held by the multi-ministerial task force dealing with Covid-19 of which he co-chairs.

In Singapore, unvaccinated people at this time constitute the majority of patients requiring intensive hospital care and are disproportionately contributing to the strain on the country’s health resources. The government is currently paying full medical bills for Covid-19 to all Singaporeans, permanent residents and long-term pass holders, except for those who test positive upon return from an overseas trip. The new measure only applies to those who choose not to be vaccinated despite their medical fitness and who will be admitted to Covid-19 hospitals and treatment facilities from December 8.

Covid-19 will not be charged to those who have only been partially vaccinated until December 31, to allow them to complete the vaccination process. Unvaccinated people will still be able to benefit from regular ways of financing health care, when appropriate.

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