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We can finally cuddle each other, but only through Covid Green Certified. Signed Minister of Health Roberto Speranza Decree regulating visits to RSA (Nursing homes), with immediate validity until July 30)Read the document). Entrance is only permitted for visitors in their possession Green corridor (Vaccinated or cured of Covid, or with a negative smear) But the testimony, she says, does not replace compliance with measures to prevent and control the spread of the infection. Physical contact is only permitted if the visitor and the patient have been vaccinated or cured for a period of no more than 6 months. The only exceptions, for example if there are contraindications to vaccination, must be identified and motivated by the health department of the facility or by the attending physician. Green certification, Valid only for Italy, valid since April 26 and consisting of one of three documents proving the necessary requirements: vaccination (full course) during the previous six months; To be cured of COVID-19 (validity is 6 months from the date of isolation expiration) You had a negative molecular smear or rapid test no more than 48 hours before.

Psychological and emotional needs

The document attached to the decree (Entry / exit routes for guests and visitors from the residential structures of the regional network) Confirms that the planning of the visits must take into account the conditions of the guest and the visitor as well as the logistical characteristics of the structure and must It also takes into consideration the psychological, emotional, educational and training needs of the guests. Furthermore, it must be ensured that guest support can continue to be provided through video calls or other forms of remote communication.

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Ffp2 masks (or higher)

Getting to anxiety usually No more than two visitors per patient, for a specified period. It is not recommended to bring children under 6 years old to RSA. Strict individual protection measures: the visitor, in addition to disinfecting their hands at the entrance and exit to the structure, A Ffp2 mask or higher must be worn. Body temperature is also measured at the entrance. No items or food can be brought from home, If it is not compatible with the structure (but in any case only things that can be sterilized according to normal procedures). Where possible, the guest will also wear protective gear based on the hazard level (Ffp2 or higher). The visits should be organized in a way that avoids gatherings of people – specific – e A maintenance distance of at least 1 meter should be ensured between visitors (Extendable up to two meters), with the exception of members of the same family unit, cohabitants or persons who, according to the provisions in force, are not subject to interpersonal spacing.

Scheduled trips and back for the family

I thank the provinces and the Scientific Technical Committee who worked in unison with the Ministry of Health to achieve this important result – Minister Speranza said -. It is still necessary to maintain utmost attention and respect the rules and protocols presented, however We share the joy of those who will finally be able to see their loved ones again The distance needed to protect them. It also provides the document The possibility of scheduled and return trips for the family For RSA guests. Planned exit requires – as reported – specific regulation by managers, also regarding the resident’s clinical stability, level of independence and vulnerability, as well as specific rehabilitation needs.

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Prefer open spaces

For meetings with family members and visitors, specify the decree, Open and purpose-built spaces should always be distinct. If the meeting takes place indoors, the structure should define large and airy rooms, with open windows and doors. Moreover, adequate distance between the visitor and the guest and between the different family groups present at the same time must be ensured, after assessing the composition and surface of the outdoor spaces, in order to Calculate the maximum number of visits allowed at the same timeTaking care to ensure confidentiality and intimate relationship for family members and guests. Separation of outdoor spaces that may be used for visits and those used for other functions must also be ensured, to the extent possible.

Measures can be reconfigured

The decree stipulates that measures for family members and visitors access to hospitality and long-term care facilities, Rsa, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities and housing facilities for the elderly, residential facilities for social and health care, rehabilitation and long-term care, social housing facilities and welfare, based on the development of the epidemiological scenario , Even in the most restrictive sense By the medical director or health authority.

Guest access to the facilities

It also deals with the ministerial documentWelcome new guests, Allowed only in Covid-free facilities. On the other hand, if there are positive subjects in the nursing home, admission is only permitted if a clear separation of activities is possible. In facilities containing more than 95% of vaccinated inpatients, New Guests (Full Course Vaccination) They are not subject to quarantine upon entering the entrance test, but only to the periodic examination. New hosts with partial vaccination protection They will be able to schedule a second dose in the facility, they will not have quarantine at the entrance but a preliminary test and after 7 days and then a periodic examination. The new guests have not been vaccinated, but have been covid for no more than six months, They will have neither quarantine nor tests at the entrance, but at the end of the 90 days, a single vaccination dose is set. finally, New guests who have not been vaccinated or cured They will have a 10-day quarantine period, a 10-day entrance test and a scheduled time for the first vaccine dose. In the document you mention it The duty to vaccinate against Covid for all health workers and workers. For volunteers, animation staff or other occasional activities, provisions Green corridor (Green certificate) or certification (not self-certification) with the same conditions.

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