Covid Israel, more than 7 thousand deaths since the beginning of the epidemic

With COVID-19 in Israel, two million people have also received the third dose of the vaccine so far. There have been 7,030 deaths in the country since the start of the pandemic. Access to the third vaccination was extended yesterday for all those over 12 years of age. At least five months must have passed since the second dose of the vaccination, which until yesterday was reserved only for those over the age of thirty.

If necessary, when will the third dose of the Covid vaccine be given? It is one of the points that the European Medicines Agency is considering. Currently, “we are closely monitoring the data available in different parts of the world, such as the United States and Israel, to understand the optimal timing for data withdrawal.” Qualified sources explain it to Adnkronos Health. While they stress from the EU body, by answering some questions about the third dose node, that “real-world efficacy data from Europe and other parts of the world are of particular importance for integrating data from clinical studies examining supportive doses.”

At this point, the agency specified, “It has not been determined when a booster dose of Covid-19 vaccines may be needed and which populations to target.” The agency is currently studying emerging data to make recommendations that can support Member States in the context of national vaccination campaigns.

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