Covid, Israel bans travel to Italy and the United States

Ten new countries, including Italy and the United States, she was Israel has been added to the red list From countries, where one cannot travel due to the risk of contracting Covid. Yesterday, the Cabinet decided to approve the measure today by the Knesset Constitutional Committee deputies. Travel bans for these countries It will take effect at midnight and will last for at least a weekIsraeli media reports.

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The 10 new countries added to the red list are Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, the United States, Switzerland, Turkey and Hungary. So far, the United States has not appeared on the Israeli red list. At the beginning of the pandemic, it was decided to ban all travel and there was speculation that the Netanyahu government preferred a general ban so as not to offend US President Donald Trump. This measure has a very strong impact on hundreds of thousands of Israelis who also hold American citizenship.

Israelis wishing to travel to Red List countries must apply for special permission from a government commission. Citizens of Israel or residents of Israel who return from one of these countries must remain in quarantine in state-run hotels until their first negative test. After that they must remain in isolation at home for seven days even if they have been vaccinated. According to today’s Jerusalem Post, exceptions can be made for grandparents of a foreign nationality in the case of important family events in Israel. The red list already includes Denmark, the United Arab Emirates, Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain and Sweden, as well as South Africa and several African countries.

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