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Milva dies at the age of 81: farewell to ‘Panther of Goro’

Milva Matt. The red-haired singer and stage actress was 81 years old and lived in Milan. Milva – born Maria Elva Piolcate – has long been out of the scene. In 2010, “Pantera di Goro” released after releasing the third album written and produced by Franco Patiato (after Milva and Her Surroundings in 1982 and Awakening the Sleeping Lover in 1989), titled “I Don’t Know Which Patrizio” and immediately jumped into the top twenty from Among the best-selling records in Italy, and declared his farewell on stage, at least as far as live performances are concerned, after half a century of theater he lived all over the world. “I think this very special combination of ability, variety and passion was the most precious and memorable gift to the crowd and to the music that I performed and this is why I want to remember it. Today perhaps this magical and difficult combination is no longer within my reach: for this reason, due to some sudden changes in pressure, and sometimes sweat pain. Extremely painful sciatica, some metabolic buzzing; above all, given the inescapable veil of vocal cords and rapid reflexes, the energy, resilience and exhaustion, I decided to leave the stage for good and take a step back in the direction of the recording studio, where I can Continue to make a valuable and sophisticated contribution, “he said at the time. Nicknamed “Red Head” – the title of a song written for her by Enzo Ganaci to whom she dedicated the 1980 album La Rossa – Milva has moved in her long career from folk song to Giorgio Striller theater, passing through Franco Patiato’s music by Ennio Morricone and Astor Piazzolla and songs of Greek and French composers Great Germans and much more, including successes on stage at Sanremo and also on stage around the world. In Sanremo he set an unenviable record: Milva was the most participated artist, 15 entries, with no victory whatsoever. “Tiger Guru” never exceeded second place in 1962. Milva is also the singer with the most consecutive entries, nine entries, from 1961 to 1969. Her artistic stature has been officially recognized by the Italian, French and German republics, who bestowed honors on her. High. There are also many personalities from the entertainment world who have dedicated a memory to her. Morandi – “The Italian theater and music world welcomes a great artist. Ciao Rossa!” Gianni Morandi writes in his social pages, greets the artist who passed away at the age of 81. VANONI – “Milva is gone, the news shocked me deeply,” Ornella Vanoni wrote on her social media pages. “The last time I called her she didn’t talk to me but she showed me she was browsing my album. Two days ago it seemed normal, if the life she was leading was normal. Great voice and extraordinary career I think of Edith, her assistant, to whom she had devoted her life.” Budo – “She was always very respectful, classy, ​​she was not a singer at all. Even her last time Sanremo, in 2007, she trained with the passion and humility of beginners. Lots of her peers who imposed timelines and I suggested time to her and that was the case. Thus Bebo Bodo recalls with Adnkronos the last appearance of Melva at the Ariston Theater in Sanremo 2007, who was the conductor of the orchestra with Michel Hunziker. But the two met in the City of Flowers, even in Sanremo in 1968: “I studied a lot. She honed her talent with such perseverance and passion. And she was not loved by Italians as much as she deserved. ”In 15 copies, Milva never won the festival:“ She was not interested at all. They weren’t tied to the awards. ”As for the fact that at the festival, the songs Milva brought to success were almost never re-suggested even between the covers, Bodo asserts:“ It’s hard to sing Milva’s pieces. Unparalleled voice and theater presence. An heir? No one is like her.

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