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Covid in Australia recorded injuries and put pressure on hospitals. The Guardian: ‘Calling positive nurses for duty’

Registration of infection and pressure on hospitals. in a Australia – As controversy erupted over Djokovic’s presence at the Australian Open – “Several nurses infected with Covid-19 have been called to duty, in violation of terms of health protocols, at hospitals in New South Wales, Australia, following the regulatory emergency linked due to staff shortages due to The massive prevalence of the Omicron variant, which has forced about 2,500 health workers into solitary confinement in the Sydney area.” The Guardian newspaper reported that it had received complaints from nurses concerned about being in contact with infected colleagues. It was possible to issue a corridor summons Through informal and verbal communication, provided that the positive factors are asymptomatic and that personal protective equipment is used. According to various testimonies also cited by the Guardian, in some cases the nurses had obvious symptoms, accompanied by coughs and colds, and could have also worked in non-Covid wards.

Australia – which has kept its borders closed for two years and forced anyone who has arrived in the territory to quarantine for 14 days in Covid hotels – has reported a record number of nearly 50,000 (47738) new cases of Covid-19. Mostly a variant of Omicron and not dangerous. Despite extensive tracking and border closures, the country has just emerged from a delta wave that has dampened the government’s ambition to reach zero cases of coronavirus. Now, like others in the rest of the world, theAustralia relies on a vaccination campaign for 91.5% of the population who has already received two doses and 2.5 million booster doses. Meanwhile, many tampon centers in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland have closed again due to staff shortages or Due to the inability to process all samplesDespite working around the clock.Chris Moy, vice president of the Australian Medical Association, said large numbers of healthcare workers in hospitals have fallen ill after contracting the virus, making it difficult for remaining workers to provide adequate care to patients.

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