Covid, government extends mask commitment in hospitals and RSA

Approved Procedures It was explained at the press conference By Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, along with the Ministers of the Interior Matteo Bentidosi, Justice Carlo Nordeo, and Health Orazio Schillaci. A new cabinet is scheduled to convene on Friday to appoint deputy ministers. On the same day, deputy ministers and deputy ministers must take the oath.

Chilachi: “Stopping the commitment to vaccination, changing the image and medical shortage” – “The expiry date of the Covid vaccination has been brought forward to November 1. This is because the epidemiological picture has changed, particularly from the data that we see that the impact on hospitals is limited and there is a decrease in infections and the stabilization of hospital employment in the hospital,” said the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, at a conference Journalist after the Clean Development Mechanism “Added to this is the shortage of medical personnel: Therefore, the return of these unvaccinated doctors to work serves to address the shortage and guarantee the right to health.”

‘I never thought about not extending the masks’ – “I thank the doctors who did their best against Covid and this morning I signed a decree extending the use of masks in health facilities not only against Covid but also for the upcoming flu season. We never thought about not going in that direction, which is also being shared with the Prime Minister,” he explained shilachi.

“Health is not an ideological subject, a scientific approach” – “Public health is not an ideological and bureaucratic problem but we must have a scientific and calm approach,” the health minister said.

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“We are working on quarantine and discussing experts” – Compared to the possible reduction of the quarantine, which is currently 5 days, for subjects
Positive for Covid, “We are working and today we held the first scientific meetings with the Higher Institute of Health, Aifa and experts. We see the development of the epidemiological picture and every decision will be taken only in the interest of patients,” said Shelachi.

“The bulletin data is not classified, open to the authorities” – “If there are new variables we are ready to intervene. As for the data sheet on Covid, the data is collected every day but having a weekly estimate gives a different picture. The data is not disaggregated and is available to the competent authorities,” concluded Schillaci.

Piantedosi: “We are confident that the rule is a deterrent to stop the delirium” – “We are confident, as is happening in other countries and other sectors, that the rule, once introduced, can be an element to deter these events,” said Interior Minister Matteo Bentidosi, stressing that the punishment for those who “organize” delirium ranges from 3 to 6 years. “We are very confident of the ancillary penalty for confiscating cars that are used” on both sides, the interior ministry owner added.

“Urgent dll because Italy is prone to delirium” – Concluding his rave parties “They were already working on it – added Piantedosi -. The requirements of necessity and urgency arise from the fact that the lack of effective legislation in our country has made us particularly vulnerable, as evidenced by the news of recent years.”

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Nordeo: “On the handicap of life imprisonment, accept the information” – About life imprisonment “We accepted the council’s advice.” Minister of Justice Carlo Nordeo said this during the press conference held after the cabinet meeting, explaining that “the law does not prejudice the security and certainty of the sentence,” referring to the previous parliament that it had proposed this amendment.

“In Cortabia he heard the cry of the judges of pain” – The Minister of Justice affirmed that “we welcomed the cry of pain of prosecutors, investigative judges, appeals courts and prosecutors in demanding that the implementation of the Kartapia reform, which is going in the right direction, be postponed in any way.” Carlo Nordeo.

Annam: “The government has listened to us, there will be transitional rules” – “Fortunately, the Minister of Justice and the entire government have listened to the Judiciary’s indications” regarding “the desirability of a transitional disciplinary system for important sectors of recent criminal procedure reform.” Postponing entry into force “is in fact a necessary step in defining transitional discipline – an issue of equal importance – in the organizational reorganization of judicial offices.” This was announced by Giuseppe Santalucia, President of ANM, in a note.

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