Covid: GB Lab investigation, ‘43,000 wrong tests’ – last hour

(ANSA) – LONDON, October 15 – British public health authorities have launched an investigation into a laboratory in Wolverhampton, England, on suspicion that it provided false results to 43,000 people who took molecular tests for Covid-19. This was announced by the National Health System’s (NHS) Testing and Tracking Service, raising a potential “technical” issue behind the incident. Collaboration with the laboratory in question – one of the many laboratories collaborating with the UK’s NHS at the forefront of the pandemic – has been suspended for the time being, while communications have been made to warn all patients involved of the potential error.

Suspicions arose after it was then announced that several people, who had tested positive for a do-it-yourself antigen test, were negative: all after their samples had been analyzed by this particular laboratory.

Andrea Riposati, managing director of the obvious Italian assets of the company that controls the facility in question, Immensa Health Clinic, ensured maximum cooperation with the investigation. “We are proud to have tested 2.5 million samples on behalf of the Test and Trace Service since the beginning of the pandemic and we don’t want this or anything else to be a disgrace to the work done,” he said. (Dealing).

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