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BRUSSELS – The European Commission proposes to member states Relax current travel restrictions Unnecessary, like tourism, in the European Union, taking into account the progress made in vaccination campaigns and developments in the epidemiological situation around the world.

All people from countries with good epidemiological status and all people who have received the most recent recommended dose of a vaccine authorized by the European Union can be admitted into the Union. In this regard, the exact parameters are indicated: Countries of origin must have a notification rate of 100 over 14 days, out of 100 thousand people, The percentages of tests performed and the percentages and trends of positivity will be analyzed. A list will be drawn up based on these elements.

However, tests and any quarantine periods will still be required. The executive ruling will be presented to the community on Wednesday to the ambassadors of the 27 European Union countries. Brussels hopes to secure board approval by the end of the month. At this stage, UNHCR aims to have enough countries on the relaxation list.

And it sure will re-enter it Israel, and possibly also the United Kingdom and the United States, Which, however, still raises some questions so far. However, the proposal provides for a new “emergency braking” mechanism to be coordinated at the European Union level that would reduce the risks of importing various types of the virus.

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