Covid: decline in Germany, France and Italy, and cultural protests in Belgium

Italy: Fewer swabs, fewer cases, high positivity rate

Critical reversal of Italian data on Covid: 24,883 positive (and 81 victims), compared to a sharp drop in swabs taken (today 217,000) Compared to the past few days, when he was close to a million.
However, the positivity rate increased, rising to 11.5%.

France: “Super Pass Sanitaire” arrives

log the charges FranceChristmas Day: 104,611 cases were registered.
But in Santo Stefano – in the face of far fewer tests – the cases became a quarter: 27697 (and 96 victims).

To deal with this new wave, the French government headed by the Prime Minister Jan Castex It plans to reinforce the “Pass Sanitaire” rules: Unvaccinated people will no longer be allowed to enter bars, restaurants and public places with a simple negative streak, as has been the case so far.

United Kingdom: Restrictions in Scotland, Wales and Ulster

Before the Christmas holidays, United kingdom And 122,186 cases of COVID-19 have been recorded.
With no new restrictions in place, at least for now, the Johnson government is considering the idea of ​​”door-to-door” vaccination. If citizens do not go to vaccination centers, they will go to them…

Boxing Day restrictions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: In Scotland, ‘Boxing Day’ football matches drew a maximum of 500 spectators, in Wales even behind closed doors.

Three Premier League matches have been postponed due to the Covid outbreak in some teams.
Nightclubs in Ulster are closed until a later date.

In Ireland, for a week now, bars and restaurants have closed at 8pm.

Portugal: record of vaccinations and … restrictions

the Portugal, one of the most vaccinated countries in Europe, where 87% of the population has already received at least two doses, has also forced the obligation to go to the cinema, theatre, weddings, parties and sporting events, to the point that the streets of Lisbon are practically deserted.

According to December 26 data, I The number of cases of Covid-19 in Portugal reached 3,732 (with 13 victims).

Covid data in real time

New South Wales: A New Rise

A new increase in cases in New South WalesSydney is the most populous state in Australia, and its capital is Sydney. 6394 positive in the past 24 hours, 458 of them are in hospital, 52 of them are in intensive care.
Masks are again mandatory in all indoor spaces.
State Prime Minister Dominique Beirut directed harsh words against citizens who have not yet been vaccinated.

Meanwhile, a lab in Sydney said 400 people who were informed the day before they tested negative for Covid had already tested positive.
The laboratory’s medical director apologized and said these people were immediately contacted and informed of the error.
But the credibility of the healthcare system, even in Australia, continues to crumble.

Belgium: a protest against the cultural world

in a Belgium, protests continued by part of the population against the restrictions imposed by the Prime Minister’s government Alexandre de Crooze.
Christmas markets, cinemas, theatres, indoor shows and conferences are prohibited from Boxing Day.

a BrusselsThousands of people (including various figures from the Belgian cultural world) protested against the “random” closure of cultural sites.

Germany: a sharp drop in injuries

The only real good news comes, then, from Germany, Where there is a breakdown in infections: On December 26, there were only 9,597 (and 51 victims), versus 22,214 on Christmas Day, 35,341 on December 24, and 44,927 on December 23.
The “semi-lockdown” imposed by Chancellor Schultz’s government appears to have worked.
But, of course, the number of pluses depends on the number of smears performed.

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