Covid Christmas 2021 Rules / Holiday Ordinance, What Can Be Done: FFP2, Green Pass and …

the Draghi government to avoid evolution varante Omicron Approved December 23 New festive decree regulating anti-Covid measures and rules for Christmas, New Year and Epiphany. the TreasuryOn the proposal of President Mario Draghi and Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, they approved a decree-law to enter into force on December 25, 2021 which provides for “urgent measures to contain the COVID-19 epidemic and implement security, economic and social activities”.

Green Pass, masks, closures and recommendations: The ten articles of the ceremonial decree define a set of “measures” aimed at curbing widespread dissemination varante Omicron, pending to see an increase in the number of third doses of the vaccine as the main form of variation and defense against the spread of the variant detected in South Africa. “Protection with the third dose is 93% higher compared to severe disease, and 75% higher than the risk of infectionI, he explained yesterday in Press conference of CTS Coordinator Professor Franco Locatelli. Studies from the UK indicate that the booster dose also confers protection on the Omicron variant, as the Chairman of the Super Health Council notes, “It is so important to be vaccinated, I am making a sincere plea so that the number of people will always be greater».

COVID RULES Merry Christmas and New Year 2021

Except for the hypotheses of extending Christmas leave for students, “refused” the option to place a mandatory reimbursement for those who have not been vaccinated with a third dose, and for the time being except for the extension of the vaccination obligation at work, hereinafter: Main Laws adopted by the government in New festive decree: There will be no closures, curfews, and no travel bans, but it is necessaryTake precautions so as not to lose what little normality we have hard-earned back»(Mario Draghi, year-end press conference).

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Masks must be worn, even in open spaces, as well as in the white area
Obligation to wear FFP2 masks for outdoor and indoor performances in theatres, concert halls, cinemas, live music entertainment venues (and other similar venues) and indoor and outdoor sports events and competitions. In all these cases, it is forbidden to eat and drink inside
Obligation to wear FFP2 masks on all means of transport

Parties and discos
Until January 31st, events, parties and concerts, of whatever name, that include gatherings in open spaces are prohibited.
– Ballrooms, discos and similar venues will be closed until January 31

– It is possible to visit the elderly in residential facilities, social care, social health, hospice homes only for people who have an enhanced green pass and a negative smear or vaccination with a third dose

Holiday Ordinance: How the Green Passage is changing

Until the end of the state of emergency – March 31, 2021 – some rules for Green Pass and Super Green Pass (only vaccinated and cured) have been changed. in a Ceremonial decree regulating anti-Covid rules for Christmas and New YearThe government ordered the following:

Duration and third dose
From February 1, 2022, the duration of the Green Corridor is reduced from 9 to 6 months
– with Decree from the Ministry of Health On December 24, the minimum period for administration of the third dose will be reduced from 5 to 4 months from completion of the initial vaccination cycle

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Restaurants and clubs
Duty to get inside
Extending the enhanced Green Corridor commitment to serving food for consumption also at the counter

Super Green Pass commitment extended
– indoors for swimming pools, gyms and team sports;
– Museums and galleries.
– indoors for health centers;
– health resorts (except for basic levels of assistance and rehabilitation or therapeutic activities);
– Amusement parks and amusement parks.
– indoors for cultural, social and recreational centers (except for children’s educational centers);
– Game rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos.

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