Covid, Barbie dolls inspired by scientists who symbolize the fight against the epidemic – the world

The American gaming giant Mattel, in times of the global fight against the epidemic, pays tribute to six women involved in the world of medicine in different countries; And she does this by making as many dolls as possible from the famous Barbie model inspired by her features. The news bounces from the US and reaches the British media, which underscores how the honor is being directed, among other things, to Professor Sarah Gilbert, director of the prestigious Jenner Institute at Oxford University and the ‘mother’ of the first Covid vaccine developed on the planet, which it produced Later the Anglo-Swedish group of medicines AstraZeneca.

Virologist Barbie, inspired by the creator of the AstraZeneca vaccine

Mattel chose, as well as Gilbert (who had recently decorated himself in his homeland with the order of the former British Empire bestowed by the Queen at the suggestion of Boris Johnson’s government and the title of Lady), for his modern image. “Barbie-Scientists” include two American health workers, Amy O’Sullivan and Audrey Cruz, Canadian activist Chica Stacy Orewa, Brazilian researcher Jacqueline Joyce de Jesus, and Australian doctor Kirby White.

The director of the Jenner Institute accepted the tribute with some embarrassment, but essentially voluntarily. It was “very strange” news, he smiled, expressing hope that the initiative would “inspire a new generation”.

The British academic added: “I hope the doll that has been assigned to me will introduce girls to a future profession that they may not know anything about”, and perhaps inspire them with a dream of becoming “inoculation specialists”. “We are meant to be a form of acknowledgment of the enormous sacrifices faced by those who serve as front-line heroes to confront the pandemic and the resulting challenges,” confirmed outsider Lisa McKnight, vice president in charge of the dolls sector, to Mattel. A way to “enlighten their efforts, and share stories that a platform like Barbie can inspire future generations,” he continued, expressing the belief that new models could “nourish children’s imaginations toward the role models these heroines set.”

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