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Covid: Australia Thousands in anti-vaccine pizza – Oceania

(ANSA) – MELBOURNE, November 20 – Thousands of people took to the streets today in major Australian cities to protest against COVID vaccination.

In the country, approximately 85% of adults (over 16 years of age) are fully vaccinated, and some states and territories have imposed a vaccine obligation on certain occupational groups.

In Melbourne, Victoria, several thousand people called for the imprisonment of the state premier, Daniel Andrews, and demonstrated against a bill that would give the local government more powers to fight the pandemic.

Unlike previous protests, there were no reports of clashes with the police. According to police, as many as 10,000 protesters have mobilized in Sydney alone. At the same time, a counter-demonstration – one of the first since the pandemic began – of pro-vaccine people has been held in Melbourne. (Dealing).

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