Covid, as of today in Sicily Obligation to wear a mask even outdoors and a tampon for those coming from abroad

The new decree for the Sicily region was launched today with further prevention measures in light of the Christmas holidays to counter the spread of Covid, as well as in the Omicron variant. The text signed by President Nilo Musumesi, which was adopted after the report of the Ministry of Health, will be valid until next December 31.
Among the main innovations is the obligation to wear a mask even outdoors: all citizens over the age of 12 must wear a mask in all public places and open to the public. The authorities responsible for maintaining public order ensure compliance with the law, including through the application of penalties established by law.
The new law also expands the obligation to survey in Sicilian ports and airports for passengers arriving from the Republic of South Africa, Botswana, Hong Kong, the State of Israel, the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Republic of Turkey.

Currently, the check is already presented to those who come from Great Britain, Germany, the United States, Malta, Portugal, Spain, France, Greece and the Netherlands, or have resided or transited within 14 days prior to departure. Passengers arriving from countries where there is no mandatory swab can still request to take the test directly at the airport for free. Persons who have arrived in Sicily in the ten days preceding the entry into force of the decree must contact the prevention department of the relevant regional side and their general practitioner to be subjected to a molecular swab.
Once again, monitoring the activity of regional laboratories to increase the sequence of virus variants, and the decree aims to ensure adequate epidemiological surveillance in all provinces of the island. To do this, the Department of Strategic Planning, the Department of Health Activities and the Epidemiological Observatory (Dasoe) of the Ministry of Health will conduct a survey of Sicilian laboratories capable of sequencing virus variants and coordinating their activity, with the goal of gradually increasing the number of sequenced smears in Sicily.
Finally, immigrants arriving in Sicily, at the end of the quarantine period, will be subject to the obligation of the molecular smear.

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