“Covid and influenza variants, refer to mask use indoors”

Fabrizio Brigliasco, virologist at the University of Milan and director of health at the Irccs Galeazzi Institute, what winter awaits us?

We can easily expect a virus-infested season. Abroad there was also talk of a triple epidemic, perhaps an exaggerated term, but we will certainly have to deal with three different elements. That certainly won’t help.”


“Seasonal influenza, already circulating influenza viruses and Covid and its variants”.

Do we know anything more?

Yes, omicron 5 contains three different sub-variables: pq1, pq1.1, and Xbb.

Are they aggressive?

They probably wouldn’t be bad, but unfortunately they seem to be able to evade protection from a vaccine. So it will spread causing the infection curve to rise and as usual we have to think about the weakest.”

How do parainfluenza viruses present themselves?

Cold symptoms, such as sore throat, cough, and respiratory syncytial virus are among the most common we present. It must be monitored constantly.”

Why are there fears of an escalation of cases between Covid and influenza?

“Because we’ve already seen it in Australia. Last July, Covid spread with a new wave and the same is true for influenza. Unfortunately we have to make these predictions so that we are not prepared.”

How can we defend ourselves?

«I recommend wearing the mask in crowded places, indoors: we are used to this type of protection, so why not use it? And then it is clear with the vaccine: both anti-Covid and, at the same time, anti-influenza remain recommended. Especially for people at risk. It’s time to raise the defense. International data tells us that.”


The World Health Organization has already raised the alert about a possible recovery season.

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