Covid and Henderson vs. PM: ‘Nobody’s thinking of us’

Liverpool (United Kingdom) – captain liverpool Jordan Henderson lashes against Premier League And the option to continue playing during the Christmas period Despite the escalation of Covid cases in the UK. “I am worried – The Reds player says in an interview with the BBC – Nobody takes players’ welfare very seriously. I don’t think people can understand how severe it is until you try it closelyHenderson added – Football is everything to us and we want to be able to perform at the highest level every time we step onto the pitch. Unfortunately at this time it is difficult to do so. It has been like that for several years and it has been difficult but then, what is more, Covid arrived and it became more difficult and even worse.”

Henderson: ‘Nobody respects us’

the Liverpool He will play five races in Two weeks: “We want to play as players, we want to go out and play, but I’m concerned about the players’ welfare and I don’t think anyone is taking it seriously enough, especially in this period with Covid. We will try to conduct in-depth interviews – adds Henderson – We will try to take a stand in the future, but at the moment I don’t feel the players are getting the respect they deserve. Someone should be able to independently say that this is actually not fair to the players’ welfare.”

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Covid, the word for the English Premier League technicians

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