Covid: a project for the work of individuals, masks and smart ones, especially for the weak

In private work must remain use masks. This is indicated by an updated draft of the measures to combat the virus in the work of individuals, which the government will share today with social partners. In the text that La Stampa predicted and that the American News Agency (ANSA) was able to view, it was expected Use of FFP2 Masks. Also indicated in the draft temperature control At the entrance the temperature should not be more than 37 and a half degrees. Also expected An incentive to work smartwhich is a useful tool to counter the spread of infection, Especially with regard to vulnerable workersmore exposed.”

The draft states that Ffp2 filter masks “remain an important safeguard to protect the health of workers for the purpose of preventing infection, particularly in work contexts in closed environments involving many workers or open to the public or where they are not. In any case, social distancing may be possible. by one meter due to the specific nature of work activities. The employer guarantees the availability of Ffp2 in order to allow workers to use them in contexts at greatest risk.”

It will still be up to the employer – on the basis of specific duties and work contexts – to determine “certain groups of workers for whom he will provide appropriate personal protective equipment (Ffp2), with special consideration for vulnerable subjects on the basis of assessments by the competent physician”.

In addition to the obligation to check the temperature at the entrance, which should not exceed 37 and a half degrees, the worker with a fever must report it immediately to the employer and these rules will also apply to outside workers such as those who contract (suppliers, cleaners or supervisors).

Also expected Periodic sanitation of buildings and workstations From work and the worker will be ‘obligated to embrace everything’ Hygiene precautions, especially for hands”. Finally, the project indicates the need for staggered entry and exit if possible h Continuous ventilation of buildings.

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