Covid, a new reopening in the UK but the Indian alternative is still under watch

May 10, 2021

(Teleborsa) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Officially in summarizing the green light for the next phase of Re-opening After locking In the United Kingdom, the largest in months, based on data on reduced COVID-19 cases. From Monday May 17 It would be possible to once again host people at home, up to 6 people or 2 families, instead Services inside In restaurants and bars, among other things, hotels, cinemas and other public places for entertainment and sports will reopen, and it will be possible to receive up to 30 guests at funerals and weddings. Also back the possibility for travel In-country and for guest accommodations.

However, Johnson was unable to accelerate the reopening, despite the extremely high efficacy of The country side Serum. The government is actually very attentive to the evolution Variables In the UK, especially that Indiana. Professor Witty, chief medical officer in England, described it as “highly contagious”, stressing how cases have doubled in recent weeks, “albeit starting at very low levels” compared to the general population of infections. On the other hand, the Brazilian and South African teams are stable and marginal.

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