Covid, a medical record in January 2020 can change everything

The medical record of a Chinese patient, who lives not far from the municipalities of Alzano and Nembro, may open up new scenarios for the epidemic.

The medical record of a Chinese patient living in Val Siriana, not far from the towns Alzano and Nembru, may open to new scenarios regarding the outbreak of the epidemic in Italy. According to Corriere della Sera, an unknown person sent a letter to the mailbox of Consuelo Lucati, a lawyer for the families of Covid victims. Medical records It dates back to January 2020, a Chinese national, from which some symptoms of infection are extracted.

Chinese patient medical record for the month of January 2020

The patient was admitted to Siriati Hospital on January 26, 2020 with ‘cough and onset of shortness of breath’, ‘fever’, and ‘pleural effusion’. As Corriere della Sera recalls, although the case of the “first patient” from Codogno in Italy in January 2020 had not yet emerged, ministerial circulars indicated that both those who made trips to China and those who presented Syndrome.

To support the medical record, there is also a CT scan, which was performed on January 28, which indicates “shadowed parenchymal thickenings in the left lung, with a floor vitreous appearance”, a condition that also occurs with Covid-19.

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However, there is no trace of any tampon for the Chinese national, who is still a resident of a municipality in Val Siriana and bedridden due to a stroke.

Prosecutor’s investigation

According to what the Bergamo Public Prosecutor’s Office has so far reconstructed, there were 40 suspected cases of Covid-19 in Alzano Hospital on February 11, 2020, according to Corriere. If the suspicions raised by this medical record prove to be justified, the first cases may go back a few weeks earlier.

Fortunately today in the province of Bergamo there was only one case of Covid, but the relatives of the victims are demanding justice for what happened a year and a half ago and why they suffered so Terrible months of emergency.

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Covid, vaccines that protect more than one delta variant

Image source: ANSA

Covid, vaccines that protect more than one delta variant

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