Covid, 35,043 new cases among 216,735 swabs and 93 more deaths

epidemic numbers- 227 patients were admitted into intensive care (on Tuesday they were 232 patients) in the balance between entrances and exits, while the number of daily admissions was 24 patients. There are 7,019 patients on the regular wards, compared to 7,106 the day before. The total number of coronavirus cases detected since the beginning of the epidemic in Italy has reached 2,3443,429. The positives are currently 498,269. 22,766,314 have been discharged from hospital and recovered, while there have been 178,846 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Emma: A new wave is expected – The epidemic is not over yet. In the coming weeks, a new wave of Covid cases is expected to be associated with new sub-variants of Omicron.” This is the warning of the head of Ema vaccination strategy, Marco Cavalieri. Just last week, Cavalieri added, BQ1 has been identified in at least 5 countries in Europe and is expected ECDC expects the BQ1 variant and the BQ1.1 sub variant to become the dominant strains from mid-November to early December.”

Best (Fiasso): “Does not rule out the risk of a new wave” – The president of Fiasso, Giovanni Migliore, wrote in a note: “The situation in hospitals is very stable, but the risk of a new wave is not excluded,” noting that “attention must be kept high and monitor the start and spread of new variants and in the meantime continue the vaccination campaign for the dose.” Fourth for elderly, immunocompromised and generally weak with other illnesses, pregnant women.Currently, in fact, only 30% of the audience of recipients of the second booster dose are immunized because they got the fourth dose or because they became infected: that’s still a low percentage Extremely “.

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Watermelon: We will not repeat the restrictive model against Covid “We cannot rule out a new wave of Covid or the emergence of a new epidemic in the future. But we can learn from the past to be prepared,” Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said in her letter to the Chamber’s confidence, adding that “Italy has adopted the most restrictive measures in the entire West.” , where it severely limited the basic freedoms of individuals and economic activities, but despite this it is among the countries that recorded the worst data in terms of deaths and injuries. Something did not work and so I would say now that we will not repeat this model under any circumstances.”

Hope: Maybe Meloni is afraid of not satisfying the wild one? – The Prime Minister’s words about the management of Covid in Italy did not leave indifferent the former Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, who responded. “The Italian model has always put the protection of the right to health and the centralization of scientific evidence at the center. It is a pity that Meloni is not yet out of the campaign. Not a word about the vaccines that were the key factor in the final stage conclusion. Last,” she concluded: “Maybe still Are you afraid of resentment from your voice other than fax?”

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