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South Carolina Health Officials Identify COVID-19 and Flu Hotspots in Latest Report

In a newly released report, South Carolina health officials have outlined the areas in the state where respiratory diseases, such as flu and COVID-19, have been most prevalent. The report, covering the period from October 8 to December 30 of last year, provides valuable insights into the locations with the highest number of outbreaks.

According to the report, COVID-19 outbreaks were most frequently reported in long-term care facilities, with a staggering 333 outbreaks during the specified timeframe. Additionally, there were 10 outbreaks in childcare facilities and 16 in schools. These findings highlight the vulnerability of these settings to the rapid spread of the virus.

Contrastingly, flu outbreaks were most commonly reported in schools, with 117 outbreaks recorded during the same period. Long-term care facilities reported 13 flu outbreaks, while childcare facilities had seven. This data emphasizes the importance of implementing preventative measures in educational settings to curb the transmission of the flu.

The report also sheds light on the presence of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) in the state. It reveals that long-term care facilities experienced three RSV outbreaks, while childcare settings and schools had 46 and 23 outbreaks, respectively. This information underscores the need for heightened vigilance in these environments, as RSV can pose a significant health risk to vulnerable individuals.

It is crucial to note that the report classifies an outbreak as the absence or removal of 20% or more of students or staff within a shared setting of over five individuals due to Influenza, COVID-19, and/or RSV within a 72-hour period. This definition helps identify significant infection clusters and guide appropriate containment measures.

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Furthermore, the report provides data specifically for the week of December 23, offering a snapshot of the situation at that time. In school settings, there was one COVID-19 outbreak, eight flu outbreaks, and one RSV outbreak. Childcare settings reported one COVID-19 outbreak and one flu outbreak, while long-term care facilities had 28 COVID-19 outbreaks, two flu outbreaks, and one RSV outbreak during that week.

The report also includes information on hospital visits related to these respiratory diseases. In the week of December 23 alone, there were over 5,000 visits for flu, approximately 1,000 visits for COVID-19, and less than 1,000 visits for RSV. Surprisingly, the number of flu-related hospital admissions surpassed those for COVID-19, with over 500 individuals admitted for flu, compared to about 400 for COVID-19.

For those interested in delving into the report’s details, it can be accessed for comprehensive and in-depth information. As the fight against respiratory diseases continues, the report serves as a valuable resource to better understand and address the ongoing challenges faced by South Carolina communities.

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